The pirate’s treasure stories week

Pirates week! We sing songs, play games like “where is my treasure?!”, draw pirate’s maps, get acquainted with pirate’s math and ABC, read pirate’s treasure stories with Kipper the Pirate by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta, Oxford university press

Sea week

This week we travel under the sea to learn see & marine animals. And our favorite are: octopus, dolphin, seahors, starfish, crab and whale.

Jobs & Occupations

The theme of our classes is jobs & occupations. We sing songs, read books, play games like school and hospital. And our favorites are the following: astronaut, artist, ballerina, baker, doctor, chef, firefighter, pilot, race car driver and vet.

Daily English

Today we enjoy the company of our old friend- Brown Bear. We count his family with the little ones and read the story about him and his friends by  Erick Carle. We also sing songs and make colorful cutouts.  We have a lot of fun.


The theme of our classes is transport! So we continue travelling around our beautiful town by car, by bus, by tram and by helicopter. And we even take a ride on a fire truck and a police car. Then we decide to fly on a plane to visit our friend Pete the Сat and have […]

Pesach Week

We sing songs, read books and play games: our favorite are «find the chametz!» and «whats on the Seder plate?» We wish you all a very Happy Pesach. Chag Sameach!

Day walk

This time during day walk our little explorers are playing in real detectives. The task is to find the lost snowman with the help of a map, binocular, compass and math skills. So we count steps and name the left and right sides of the route depicted in our map. And finally we find the […]


The theme of our classes is Town! We take a walk around very beautiful town and pass by different places: park, toy shop, supermarket, bank, post, hospital, railway station, fire station, police station, bus stop, post office, stadium, swimming pool, library, school, museum, theatre, restaurant, cafe, zoo and then with great pleasure we decide to […]

Purim week

We play games, sing songs, read books (pj library). Happy Purim everybody!

The theme of our classes is House!

We take a walk around our nice house, measure its size: big or small, high or low, discuss our favorite color of roof, walls, doors and windows, name different rooms.